carla-picWe cook for many reasons. At the core of it, we cook because we’re hungry, but for many of us the focus on eating well means more than just filling our bellies. For me it’s also about the beauty of fresh food, community and the connections between friends, families and sometimes even strangers.

The teacher in me hopes that this blog helps you make weeknight meals faster, easier and more tastefully. Cooking for two again, it seemed natural to focus on two serving/easy to clean up/one pan meals because even though I love to cook, I really hate to clean up. And since it’s more fun to eat with friends and family I wanted to feature easy-to-make entertaining recipes and tips that will inspire you to have people over on the weekend…because really, in our heart of hearts we all know that a kitchen full of friends and family is where life happens.

Food became a real focus while on a Junior Year program in Spain. We took our cues from Spanish friends who didn’t use recipes but just cooked like their moms, by touch, taste and instinct. Spain was a life changer and what I learned there has stuck with me through these many years of cooking, writing and not least of all, eating.

Friend Meredith Deeds and I started off writing cook books together about ten years ago. Five books later we have a James Beard nominee in The Big Book of Appetizers and Good Morning America named our 300 Sensational Soups one of the best cookbooks of 2009. Meredith is working in the business end of the food world for now while I’ve just released One Pan Two Plates: More than 70 complete weeknight meals for two with Chronicle Books (spring 2013) and an ebook with an app which can be purchased on itunes titled Serves Two.

I hope you find ideas on the site that whet your appetite and help you get dinner on the table with less stress and more fun. Here’s to dinner!