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End of Summer Fried Green Tomatoes

My son brought me a big bag of green tomatoes from his garden the other day. What could we possibly do with all these hard round green globes? I say fry them up. Most everyone gets excited about ripe summer tomatoes. But I’m addicted to those end of summer green ones.

Chicken Breasts with Artichokes and Fried Green Tomatoes

I’m still finding green tomatoes at my local grocery store and I love them for that.

Fried Green Tomato Sandwiches with Bacon and Chutney

I am the green tomato’s most ardent lover. Everyone gets excited about ripe summer tomatoes but I’m addicted to those hard, tart specimens plucked from the vine too young to know any better. Especially when they’re breaded and fried up crispy in a hot, hot pan of bacon fat.